How To Use Diffuser Bracelets

How To Use Diffuser Bracelets:

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to your fingers and rub evenly into the wood beads. The rosewood will slowly diffuse the oil throughout the day. Breathe in the scent and enjoy! Diffuser bracelets are the best way to take your oils with you everywhere.

The solid rosewood beads will patina (darken) with age. Worn next to your skin, they will absorb your natural oils, skincare products, and essential oils. If you choose to use them as diffuser bracelets, the oil will cause them to darken according to the oil you choose. Oils with colors such as green, blue, or purple, will cause the beads to become the same color. If you want the beads to stay lighter, we suggest using clear oils. Enjoy the changing beauty that comes with wear.